How to Buy Badges

How To Buy

Ticketed Play Event registration is available now! Please read all of the information below carefully before you begin your purchase.

Growtix is now Leap Conventions! If you previously had a Growtix account, your username and password are the same. If searching for your purchase confirmation email, search sender “Leap Conventions” 

How to purchase badges for MagicCon: Las Vegas

Purchasing a badge or tournaments for MagicCon: Las Vegas is easy! Click here to buy now.

If you have attended MagicCon in the past or already have a Leap (Growtix) account, we strongly encourage you to log in when you begin the purchase process. The Login in button is located at the top of the purchase page. If you are unable to login, select the “Click here to reset your password” option.

Once your badge purchase is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email and will be eligible to purchase Ticketed Play Events.

Important Note on Buying Badges for Others: 

If you choose to purchase badges for other people, you must change the name and email on each badge on the final confirmation page. Select the “edit” button next to the name. They will receive an email that a badge has been purchased on their behalf, however only the purchaser may register badge holders for Ticketed Play Events.

How to Purchase Ticketed Play Events 

You may purchase Ticketed Play Events immediately after you purchase your MagicCon: Las Vegas badge. Simply click the orange “Register for Ticketed Play Events” button after you complete your badge purchase.

 If you have already purchased your badge and want to return to purchase additional Ticketed Play Events, please follow the step-by-step instructions below.


To purchase Ticketed Play Events, log in to the event dashboard using your Leap (Growtix) account credentials. You must log in to the event dashboard to purchase Ticketed Play Events. If you do not recall your log in information, select “Click here to reset your password option.

If you have not purchased a badge under your account, you will need to purchase a badge before you can register for Ticketed Play Events.

If someone else purchased your badge for you, you will not be able to register for Ticketed Play Events. Please contact the purchaser. They will be able to purchase events on your behalf. 


First, select the badge you wish to purchase events for! This step is critical to start the registration process. Select the badge from the right side of the page (desktop) or from the top of your mobile device. 


Mobile Device

Once you’ve selected the badge you want to purchase Ticketed Play Events for, you can view the event schedule and filter by name, date, or play style! 


Add events to your schedule! Click the blue “+ purchase required” button to add an event to your cart.

Once you add a Ticketed Play Event to your cart, you will see a 15 minute countdown clock above your cart. You have 15 minutes to complete your purchase before your cart times out and the event is returned to inventory.


Mobile Device

Purchasing Events for Others!

If you purchased badges for others, only you can register them for Ticketed Play Events. We encourage everyone to purchase their own badge so they can manage their schedule. However, if you will be purchasing events for other people, simply click on their badge (right hand side of desktop device, or top of the screen on mobile device) and add events to their schedule.


Complete your purchase!

From a desktop device, review your schedule and select the gray checkout button on the right.

From a mobile device, select the cart icon at the top of the screen to complete your purchase. If you are having issues with the cart button, select the “Events” menu item in the top left corner. You can select "Cart" to proceed to checkout, or “My Schedule” to see events you have already purchased and events currently in your cart.

Finally, enter your customer information, agree to the terms of purchase, submit your payment, and your transaction is complete!

You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase. You can also return to the event dashboard at any time to review your Ticketed Play Event schedule or purchase additional events. 

Tips and Troubleshooting

  1. The Leap registration system is accessible by desktop or mobile device. We encourage you to use a desktop device for the most robust experience.
  2. You must select the badge you are purchasing events for before you put Ticketed Play Events in your cart. Badges will only appear after you have logged in to the event dashboard.
  3. If someone purchased a badge on your behalf, it will not show up in your Leap account profile nor will you be able to purchase Ticketed Play Events through the portal. Please contact your purchaser for assistance.
  4. If you accidentally enter incorrect information during checkout, the system might send you back to the badge purchase page. Simply click “Login” at the top of your screen to access your account profile. From your profile, click the green “View All Orders” button, then “View Order” and you will be returned to the purchase confirmation page where you can access Ticketed Play Event registration.
  5. To review all of your purchases (badges, pre-order merchandise, Ticketed Play Events), log in to your Leap account profile select the green “View All Orders” button.

Additional badges and Merchandise Purchase Information

  • Introducing the Youth badge! Starting with MagicCon: Las Vegas, attendees age 10 to 15 may now purchase a Youth badge for a reduced fee. All children age 9 and under may attend MagicCon for free with a paid adult guardian. If you are attending with a child under 10, please visit the Registration/Will Call area when you arrive, and we will issue you a complimentary child credential.
  • Cancelation/Refund Policy: Please make your badge selections carefully. Once purchased, MagicCon: Las Vegas badges are non-refundable and non-transferable and cannot be reproduced, resold or upgraded.
  • Please read and ensure you can comply with the event Health & Safety policy prior to making your purchase. We are unable to refund badges due to policy non-compliance.
  • If you still have questions regarding MagicCon: Las Vegas, please visit our helpful online FAQ or contact customer service at [email protected] or by phone at +1(888)-334-8702A.