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Art of Magic

Magic would be nothing without its talented artists. Come meet the artists behind some of your favorite Cards. You'll have the opportunity to buy and see original pieces.


The ultimate destination for finding the best quality and rarest Magic cards and merch. Find out which of your favorite brands and companies will be setting up on the show floor. They'll be on-site all weekend long.

Ticketed Play Event Schedule

Register for play events and win prizes! Check out the Ticketed Play Event Schedule.

MagicCon: Las Vegas 100k Limited Open  

The Las Vegas $100,000 Limited Open is THE massive competitive event at MagicCon: Las Vegas with a prize pool of, yes, $100,000, as well as (at least) eight invites to the first Pro Tour of 2025. 

Secret Lair Showdown Championship

The Secret Lair Showdown Championship is an amazing premiere tournament series where the competition is big, but the prizes are bigger!

Pro Tour Qualifier

MagicCon: Las Vegas features the most direct way to the Pro Tour.  

MagicCon Cup Tournaments

Grab the deck of your favorite format and join one of the special new series of events at MagicCons in 2024!

Original Artwork Events

Fans of original Magic: The Gathering artwork, these events are for you. We are excited to host these unique opportunities to take home a piece of Magic history. The competition is fierce - the prizes dazzling and the winners of each receive a piece of original artwork.

Sunday Sealed and Stacked

Sunday Sealed and Stacked is THE don’t miss Sealed event of MagicCon: Las Vegas. Use 14 packs to strategize a win, in a highly competitive single elimination battle and win large prizes to take home if you can see it to the finish line.

Prizes, Prize Tixs, & the Prize Wall!

Learn more about Prize Tixs and what you can redeem on the Prize Wall here!  

Play Style Event Tags 

To help players differentiate play offerings and choose events best suited for their play wants, we are implementing Social, Challenging, and Competitive ticketed play events.

On Demand Events

Available for onsite purchase only, these play events are perfect for players who don’t have time to commit to a scheduled event but still want to play for prizes.


Your one-stop shopping location for official Magic Con: Philadelphia merchandise!

Tournament Schedule

Get your decks ready and select your Commander; the Tournament Play schedule is now live. Click here to learn more about what exciting events are taking place at Magic Con: Philadelphia and get ready to play some Magic! 

Command Zone

Command Zone is a dedicated area for players to play Commander and is a great place to meet new friends.