Ticketed Play Schedule

Ticketed Play Schedule

You must purchase a badge for MagicCon: Las Vegas to participate in any Ticketed Play Event. 

Ticketed Play Events will be available on May 16th at 10:00 AM PT. Check out the information below for more details on how to buy Ticketed Play Events.

If you have not purchased a badge for MagicCon: Las Vegas, click the red “Buy Badges” button at the top of the screen. Once you complete your badge purchase, select the orange “Register for Ticketed Play Events” option.

If you have already purchased a badge for MagicCon: Las Vegas, click here and login to your Leap account to purchase Ticketed Play Events. If you are unable to login, select “Click here to reset your password” 

If someone else purchased a badge for you, they may purchase Ticketed Play Events on your behalf. Please contact your purchaser for assistance. 

Need help registering for Ticketed Play Events? CLICK HERE for a visual how to guide

  • Ticketed Play Event sales will close 1 hour prior to their start time. You must purchase an event at least one hour ahead of its scheduled start time.
  • Team scheduled Ticketed Play Event Entry fees are for the full team.
  • Please make your purchases carefully. Once purchased, Ticketed Play Events are non-refundable and cannot be reproduced, resold, or upgraded.